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Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Meditating Shadow – IV: The Magician Returns

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Three months had passed since my return from the ‘hell’ and hospital. I continued the physical and speech exercises as advised by the doctor. Now I am able to walk around within my home. My ability to speak, too, has been restored to some extent.

I told the villagers my story of the past eight years – how the magician had made me a shadow and how I was forced to rob and even kill people and such other stories. I told them how the magician used the money he collected from them to purchase a property for himself. I told them everything I knew. It was like a fairy tale for them. I also told them that he would certainly return to take over the village. They, however, vowed that they would never allow that to happen. Having known the magician thoroughly, I was skeptical. I knew he would. I knew how clever and crooked he was. He would do anything to attain what he wanted.

One day I was reading the morning newspaper while sipping my cup of tea. I suddenly felt a pull. It was, kind of, an attraction towards something unknown. The next instant I realized what was happening.

I was devastated.

I realized the magician had returned and was trying to find out the shadow he had left behind. I had thought that after more than three years I had automatically been freed from his clutches. But, no, I wasn’t. I got panicked. Terribly panicked, indeed. I didn’t know what to do. I had got back my body, but he could still control my mind!

I immediately called my wife at the top of my voice. I ran towards the main door. I not only bolted but also locked it. Then I rushed towards the bed room. My wife was terrified seeing what I was doing. I lay down on the coat and asked her to tie my hands and legs to the coat. She was confused, puzzled, and worried.

She asked, “What happened? What are you asking me to do?”

I told her, “All explanations later. Do what I asked you to do. Now. NOW!”

She was panicked, too, but at my behaviour. She did what I told her. I asked her to use strong rope and tie me very tightly so that I would not be able to free myself.

By then the pulling on my mind had become stronger. I was panting and perspiring profusely. She sat near me and looked at me extremely concerned.

I told her, “He has returned.”

She jumped up the next instant. She looked more worried than me. She knew who the ‘he’ was.

She asked, “How do you know? You didn’t go out of the home today.”

I told her, “I don’t have to go out to see him. I can feel his presence. I can feel the pressure. He is calling me back.”

I asked her to inform the panchayat president immediately. Somehow they have to disturb him from the magic he was doing then. Or else … The president asked her not to worry and said he would take care of everything. She returned and sat near me. She started to perspire, too. She had never been so worried. Even when I went missing.  

Several villagers had already met the collector and had apprised him of the truth upon my revelations. He, in turn, had informed the village police station and had instructed to take necessary action if and when the magician returned. I had also given my statement to the police and met the collector.

The president collected a few members and went to the magician’s home after informing the police of the return of the magician. He didn’t even have to verify the fact. He knew my feeling could not be wrong.

Soon the police arrived and took the magician into custody. He tried to resist his arrest in every way possible. He denied each and every charge made against him. But when he was told that I had given a statement to the police, he fell silent. He realized that the game was over. He had hoped that I would remain a shadow till he returned. He was terribly upset when told that I had got my body back.

He was tried for several cases including murder, cheating, illegal confinement, conspiracy, misuse of power, and so on under various sections of the IPC. Several villagers went to the court and deposed against him. My statements with all the graphic details were, however, the most damning proof against him.

The magician, after several months of trial, was given the life sentence and was sent to jail. The villagers finally heaved a sigh of relief. But my family and I was the most happy for getting rid of him for good (I hope so!).

The flat purchased by the magician was taken over by the collector and handed over to the village panchayat. It is now being used as the panchayat office and as a common facility for the villagers.


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  1. Oh! then the story is over. But---But my family and I was the most happy for getting rid of him for good (I hope so!).------indicates another comeback of the magician ????