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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nobody’s Protest

I am Nobody

But I protest

I have no award
To return in protest
I have no fellowship
Or membership
Or great position
To resign from, in protest

But I protest

I am no writer, but
I protest the murder of writers
I am not one of them, but
I protest the murder of social activists
I am no artist, but
I protest the humiliation of artists
I am no journalist, but
I protest attacks on journalists
I do not eat meat, but
I protest murders in the name of beef
I am no politician, but
I protest political intolerance
I am religious, but
I protest religious intolerance

I protest against
Polarisation of the society
And creation of unrest
In human minds
In the name of religion
And politics
And caste
And food!

I protest
I protest
I protest
I protest

And I am sad

Is this the Independence
That we fought for?
I was born into free India
Is this democracy?
Autocracy rules the day
Is this secularism?
Now a meaningless word

Is this the land of Mahabharata?
Where are the Yudhishtiras?
Shakunis are abundant
Is this the land of enlightened Rishis?
Is this the land of the Vedas?
Is this the land of Ramayana
Is this the land of Dharma?
Is this the land of Buddha?

I am sad
Very sad, indeed


  1. Well said. I share your sentiments. J k Mathur.

    1. Thank you, Mathur Saheb, for your encouragement.

  2. Received through e-mail:

    Well expression of a common man. strong voice. congratulations and Gldbless.