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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Scene from MB Road

The time was evening
The day was Thursday
The venue was MB road
The road was crowded
The traffic was heavy

The car was new
And was pushed
By a girl and a man
The driver sat on his seat
A lady walked along
Two bags in her hand

Cyclists overtook the car
Bullock carts rode past
Pedestrians enjoyed the scene
A rare sight indeed!

Smiles were all around
At the entertaining sight

It is not every day
That one gets to see
A girl pushing a car
With a man inside

She was smiling and laughing
Enjoying the fun to the core

Fast moving vehicles
Cars, bikes, and buses
Cursed the obstruction
What a nuisance!

I would have enjoyed the scene, too
On any normal day, time, or venue
But not that day
Not that time
Because ...

Because ...

The man was Nandy
The lady was Mohua
The girl was Shiny
The driver was I
And …
The car was mine


  1. Sir, I really really like it. Actually I enjoyed the moment through the poem.

  2. Thank you, Shiny and Nabnita, for your comments. It was so kind of you to have visited my blog and posted comments.

  3. Received via e-mail:

    A nice and joyful scene

    A I Sundararajan