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Monday, 15 July 2013

Don’t Tell the Boss

‘Don’t tell the boss’, he told me
‘Let this be a little secret
Between you and me’
He said in a hush-hush voice

I looked at him and asked
‘What is the little secret?’

He said, ‘There is a small scratch
In the middle of the mirror
Don’t tell this to your boss,
Let it remain between us.’

He had just replaced
The broken rear-view mirror in my car

The car belongs to me
And there is no boss
(Except my wife, of course!)

I asked him, in a hush-hush voice
‘But what if the boss comes to know?
He often drives the car himself.’

He thought for a moment, and smiled
He patted on my back and said,
‘Well, you know how to handle him
You must have done this earlier, too.
Those inflated bills for fuel …
And blown up bills for repairs …
O! Come on, you know how to handle it
Don’t you?’

I blushed, as if he just found out my secret
I smiled at him and nodded
‘All right, in case the boss finds out
I shall handle the situation’


I didn’t tell the ‘boss’
The little secret
She doesn’t drive the car
So she won’t know. 


  1. tell your boss today itself
    if not
    at a later stage
    if not me
    you yourself
    might be telling
    better to tell